3 reasons Batman is better than Superman. We define here and show the different between them, why?


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We can see, Batman and Superman both is superhero person of fictional character in comic books and they both are considered American cultural icon.
Though they both are popular and real hero or icon for the people all over the world, these are not the point of our topic. We want to define at least 3 strong reasons that Batman is better than Superman.

We all have seen the serial of Batman and Superman on television. Superman all the time has shown his super power, which we find out like alien power has come from another planet. These are very dangerous and destroying power. He has gone against natural rules and regulations. On the other hand Batman has come with true and without super power. His character is more believable and he is a better leader and smarter than superman.

We can say he is a better fighter and better tactician than any. He gives solution in front of any problem. He has no need any super power because he represents himself like a human being. On the other hand like an alien Superman works very secretly and showing his super power in more destroying way.


We define here between a human being and alien power. We just try to show you that we are man not alien. We need technology and power but not against our nature.
We are looking that here one hero breaks the rules of our solar system and other stay into solar planet with his humanity. What we want or what we prefer. We don’t get the destroying of our solar system. We want to see a strong leader, strong fighter and strong human being for the next generation. We believe Batman can bring the real happiness with his true sense and protect us with his tactics from any kind of terrorism.
Thanks to read me virtually and contact me with your opinion what you think about this.